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Hand made soaps, lotions, candles, and more!


Custom Kydex Holsters
Veteran crafted, hand forged blades, made with recycled materials.
Skillfully hand made leather works.

Books & Authors

Big Sage Press. Making stories worth reading.
Jack Irons and the Ironverse comics! Western sci-fi indie comic.
Tactical wisdom from the security industry and military.
David P. Perrodin. Wrangler of nonlinear things that are impossible to predict or control.
Clay Martin, recon marine and green beret. Now a writer.
Mark Sibley and his fictional view of WWIII one heck of a ride!
Mythoverse: A modern twist on mythology. Indie comic universe.


Graphic Artist Raven Monroe. Indie comics and more!
Veteran created eclectic art.


Freedom and politics podcast and more.
Podcast with interesting people, and conversation fueled by bourbon.
Anarchy and other talk podcast.
He Said, She Said radio show! Fun times to be had.


Firearms defense instructions and training.
Lakes Firearms Training. Personal safety and specialized firearms training.


Medical Supplies and kits. Ready for work.
Real world solutions for extraordinary problems. Medical kits and pouches.

Clothes & Merch

PCP media fashion!
Louisville Gun Etsy Store.
Merchandise from one patriot to another!

Editorial & Blog

Hunt, defend, compete. Uncle Zo has you covered for what you need with guns and gear reviews and great editorials that relate.
Commentary on gun control and crime.


Maker of the best darn hot sauce around. Also has great food photos.