Kilo5 is more than first aid kits. Much more. I talked to Chad of Kilo5 to learn more about the company. Started back in 2018, 5 well trained paramedics came together to, well, make med kits.

Yes. We provide first aid kits of the tactical variety because of my passion for Emergency Medical Services and my experience as a SWAT Paramedic, but we also service first aid kiosk boxes, ANSI style kits, we provide sourcing and value purchasing for folks for supplies of any variety. I help locate what they need, find the best price and get it to them as fast as I can.

I started Kilo5 Supply Co. to provide logistics for my employer, who didn’t have the infrastructure or the time to do it themselves. My boss suggested I do it so that I could “share the wealth” so to speak.

So there are actually 5 of us that do the work for Kilo5. Myself, my wife (CCT Paramedic), my best friend (EMT), and two other EMTs. We work together. We practice the skills together. We test stuff together. So it’s a pretty tight knit thing. So that’s where “5” came from. Kilo came from “What the hell do we call it? Well, we sell ‘Kits’ so the phonetic for the K in Kits is Kilo. Fuck it. Kilo5.”

That’s not all that they do.

We build websites/storefronts. We help people find supplies. We provide first aid courses in our local community. We provide for the tactical aspect of medicine too.

Training is a crucial aspect of first aid and casualty care. And this team does that too.

We provide a spin-off of the Combat Life Saver for whoever asks for it locally. It’s the same content, but brought down to the basic level. We practice the skills. It’s tapered off since COVID because of the local rules. We’ll pick it up again soon, I hope. But we provide first aid, CPR/AED training, Stop The Bleed courses, as well as Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS), Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS) and the Healthcare version of CPR / First Aid called Basic Life Support (BLS)

Each one of us is an instructor for the medical courses I mentioned. And we actually, as paramedics and EMTs, have to do something like 72 hours of Continuing Education every 2-3 years to keep our licenses.

It’s more than med kits. It’s in-person care.

Now some have noticed an overlap with Kilo5 and another company on twitter. A company that makes great med kits also. Sure, there’s some competition, but Chad loves them.

I love Dempsey. He provides a great insight. What he does as an Offshore Paramedic is unique, challenging and not for everyone. Solatac has a great set of products. I think we provide different things for different folks. And there’s nothing wrong with that.

I have a tremendous amount of respect for him. I value him and his opinion.

They have a pocket sized kit (The Libra) for low-profile care. Like if you were wearing a suit, or a tuxedo. It’s pretty thin. About an inch.
I had fun testing that one. I put on my tux and stuffed it in my vest pocket. lol

They have a larger pocket kit for expanded use, the Sagittarius. More hemostatic dressings. More bandages. Not much thicker than the Libra Kit. About an inch but we packed it with more stuff.
This is the one I’ve been carrying around for about 3 months now in my cargo pocket of my 5.11 pants at work. Both myself and Horatio have one on right now, and you hardly know it’s there.

There is a standard IFAK with some upgrades. That’s the Aries Kit. 4 styles: Black, Multicam, Coyote and OD Green.
We’re toying around with a Kryptek Highlander or Mandrake. If the interest is there, we can run it and see how it goes. But that has everything a military IFAK would have plus extras like more gloves, a Triage Reference Card and a Next of Kin/Medical Info card. We love this one cause you can strap it to your MOLLE systems and roll with it.

And then the Big Boy kit, the Gemini.
One of my jobs on the side was a Sports/Special Events Medic type gig. Where I’d have a box of supplies, a tent and some cots with a cooler and we’d be an aid station. This one is designed for you to drop your medic in a location, with maybe a tent and the cots and maybe some water and they’d be able to provide restock for the Aries kits, take vitals, do assessments, provide routine care and then some. We’re excited about this one because we run it in a Condition1 Hard Crate. I have a bunch of them and love their products. So it made sense.

We’re working on a few other things. A K9 Kit… a Medical Backpack type deal. We’ll see what shakes out.

To check out more of what Kilo5 Supply Co has and does, go to

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